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Saint-Gobain PAM UK specialises in the manufacture and supply of cast iron above and below ground drainage systems and traditional rainwater and gutter systems.

Above Ground Drainage

Saint-Gobain PAM UK offer a cast iron drainage system to suit most above ground gravity applications for commercial, residential and public buildings all backed by third party certification. Saint-Gobain PAM UK provides modern cast iron solutions for soil, waste, internal rainwater systems and suspended drainage to BS EN877, including a push-fit sanitary system and the traditional Timesaver system to BS 416 for refurbishment and external soil stacks. Finally we now have an extensive range of roof drainage products that consist of cast iron roof outlets and associated components designed in accordance with EN1253.

Saint-Gobain PAM UK offer two below ground systems in the main for gravity buried drainage and bridge drainage. Timesaver kitemarked to BS437 is black coated and has immense strength with its extra section thickness. Its range contains many British standard design fittings i.e chambers, gully traps, gully inlets, raising pieces and garage gullies. Ensign below ground system is kitemarked to BS EN 877, grey coated and significantly lighter in weight to BS437. Its range of fittings is better suited for the more European rodding point method of below ground drainage.


Saint-Gobain PAM UK manufactures the Classical range of traditional rainwater and gutter systems designed in accordance with BS 460. Cast iron gutters and downpipes have been manufactured at the Telford site for over 100 years servicing the housing and construction markets, recognised for their aesthetic charm, strength to withstand high winds, heavy snow, and vandalism and above all their long life capabilities.


Saint-Gobain Pam UK started their BIM incentive in 2010, to be the UK’s leading BIM content supplier for cast iron draining systems. All the content is available in Autodesk Revit. The content is all fully parametric and includes COBIE field data for extraction. The BIM content libraries come available in Ensign Soil, Ensign EEZI-FIT & Ensign Drain full data-rich parametric files with a system pipe template with all segments included.
At Saint-Gobain PAM our purpose is to make the world a better home. We offer a drainage replacement service to ensure your building provides the best home for your residents.

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